69-word fiction

the briefest erotica (that's a pun, for those of you who weren't listening.)

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There has to be a plot.

We've been writing 55-word fiction for some time and wanted to start a community. Since we are plagued by a proclivity for the sophomoric, we thought it'd be far funnier to start a 69-word fiction community, if you know what we're sayin'. This led logically to the idea of 69-word erotic fiction. That's what we're about. Because it's funny. The phrase "erotic fiction" as we use it here in 69_words means that there has to be some sexual aspect, content, or theme in your story. It doesn't have to be a major part of the story, but there needs to be some sex or sexuality in there somewhere, somehow.

Don't expect to browse this community with one hand - we're not interested in getting you off. We're interested in crafting the best damn bits of (erotic) fiction we can squeeze into 69 words. To that end, please reply to posts with constructive criticism, suggestions, and praise (but only leave praise when it's warranted; as stated earlier, this is not a one-handed community). If you're abusive or mean, we will ban your ass without so much as a warning. If you get all whiny about being given constructive criticism, saaramyrene will laugh and call you a little bitch.

The Rules:
- 69 words: no more, no less.
- Hyphenated words still count as two words unless one half of the hyphenated word can't stand on its own (i.e., "sixty-nine" is two words; "non-commital" is one).
- Titles must be 9 words or less.
- Don't join the community unless you're 18 years or older.
- For the love of all that is wordy, include a plot. It ain't a story without a plot. People seem to forget about plot when they're working with an extremely limited number of words. Don't.
- Make it some kind of erotic.
- Give and receive criticism with a grace befitting the rational adults that we all are.

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